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The Malta Eczema Society

The Malta Eczema Society was set up in 2001 to help those with eczema and their families. The need for such a group in Malta, as found in other countries, had been felt for some time. The society aims to help by providing support, information and practical advice via public talks and other activities and to increase awareness about eczema and the problems it may cause.

One of the initiatives taken recently by the Malta Eczema Society has been a questionnaire survey of school teachers in Malta to assess awareness and knowledge about eczema and identify areas that need attention in future information campaigns. The survey confirmed widespread misconceptions about the condition - for instance, more than 10% of participating teachers wrongly thought that eczema is contagious and many did not know about the career implications of eczema. Clearly, there is a lot to be done.

The Malta Eczema Society has also repeatedly lobbied the Maltese Health Authorities regarding entitlement for free medication for eczema sufferers. At present, patients with eczema are not eligible for free medication for their condition no matter how severe and chronic it is because eczema is not included in the Schedule V list of chronic diseases. The Malta Eczema Society strongly feels that the present system is unfair and discriminatory and requests that eczema sufferers are given the assistance they deserve.

If you wish to join the Malta Eczema Society, kindly complete the application form in the download section of this website and post it to Mrs M. Bongalais, Treasurer, Malta Eczema Society, 36, Hirondelle, Triq Richard Taylor, Iklin BZN 11.  The society has no financial resources other than donations so if you wish to make a small donation this would be appreciated. Kindly make cheque payable to 'Malta Eczema Society'.

Members of the Committee of the Malta Eczema Society (2009):
Dr M.J. Boffa (President)
Mrs M. Zarb (Secretary)
Mrs M. Bongalais (Treasurer)
Mrs A. Baldacchino
Mrs J. Borg
Mr H. Debono B.E.&A
Mrs J. Vella


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